Microsoft Dynamics CRM PHP Integration

Microsoft Dynamics PHP Integration

So… there are some existing solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration with PHP but it appears that there are problems with all of them. I was tasked with creating a php proxy for the crm integration until the developer who is more perl adept takes the working solution in php to port to perl.

The techniques are simple in order to get this working, but there are a few caveats. The first caveat has to do with the format of time and making sure that your server is synchronized with an online time server.

The second caveat has to do with removing all line breaks and additional white space around fields that are being sent in your soap requests.

Once you have these two issues solved, you can use the fiddler developer tool to capture requests to and from microsoft dynamics in order to validate your soap requests or form them originally.

Please be aware also, that granting permissions to resources may be a problem and you should not rely on them to prove whether or not something is working or not working. A whois request is probably a good request to start with aside from retreiving your organization identifiers.

I will most likely not be posting code samples as I currently do not have permission to do so for this project.


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