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Sendmail command line to gmail

Sendmail command line to gmail Had a requirement to send an email to myself from a script. Was surprised to find out that it is quite possible and not necessarily 100% intuitive but works.

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Dot Net Regular Expression Callback

Dot Net Regular Expression Callback Want to learn how to use regular expression callbacks in dot net languages? The following examples will be using c# for starters but you can easily translate that to vb. Optionally if anyone requests I … Continue reading

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Letters Missing From PDF

Letters Missing From PDF Having trouble with letters missing from your pdf content when you copy it to web? I noticed this issue before which I at first thought to be a corrupted PDF, but the PDF itself retained the … Continue reading

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Ajax DNS Down?

Ajax DNS Down? If you have ever needed to check dns propagation for yourself or a client, I am sure that you have used tools such as nslookup and possibly even dig. There are other tools, however, that you can … Continue reading

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