Google Apps Settings vs Gmail Settings

There are some subtle differences between how to access Google Apps Email Settings and GMail settings. Although this is no major feat, it’s funny how when there is a difference it can effect you.

Starting with GMail from the login screen

Login Screen

Once you log in, you see the inbox by default, select the Settings Menu in the upper right hand corner of the screen looks like a Gear Icon.

Google Mail Inbox

When you see the menu, select Mail Settings which is the first item.

Google Mail Settings

Finally here is the settings page.

Google Mail Settings

For Google Apps, there is a slight difference and it is somewhat more straight forward. So from the login page.

Google Apps Login Page

Then click on the Mail App

Google Apps App Selection

Once you are presented with your inbox, select Mail Settings in the upper right hand corner of the screen. ( This is what I was used to )

Google Apps Inbox

Finally we have Google Apps Mail Settings

Google Apps Mail Settings


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