Dot Net html editor to image

Dot Net html editor to image

While working on a commercial project, I was involved in providing a simple html rendering engine. Simple in terms of not being 100% complete, not necessarily in complexity. To help debug this, I created a sample app that demonstrates the workings of an html editor and the rendering in action.

Currently there are probably some issue with this system, this should automacially render for you – but requires the .net framework and for the most part I should say windows.

  • Screen is displaying the editor and the renderer side by side, so large resolution may be required.
  • Update and rendering may be slow and not optimized
  • Rendering may not match what the web browser control displays in the editor.
  • The main issue I have seen so far is improper baseline adjustment dues to different font sizes on the same line.


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  1. I believe you have noted some very interesting details , thanks for the post.

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