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Managing logs with Sqlite and syslogd

Update Nov 26, 2010 Looking at the code for current version of syslogd from opensolaris. The exact sources can be obtained from this link which is what I will be working from as of tonight. The source code for sqlite … Continue reading

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mysql error 1030 got error -1 from storage engine

I received the following message while working while working with a pre-existing existing database and adding some new tables. I was specifying the table creating using this Mysql Manager.

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Remoting Technologies for javascript

There are a few remoting technologies available for javascript, and with the html5 spec will come greater possibilities. The 4 most popular technologies I can think of other than proprietary formats would be xml, json, urlencoded, yaml.

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Listing Files in a directory with too many files for ftp

I ran into an issue last week trying to list files in an ftp folder with over 100,000 files in it. This is a no-brainer because what happens is the data retrieval takes too long to build and spit out … Continue reading

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Php Memory Issues when Downloading Files

There have been known to be issues in some download scripts when allowing large downloads – say in the 400mb range.

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Javascript Closures and Code

Some times it&squo;s hard to find information that is really important to development. I thought that I would include a link to a very important web page in regards to understanding the proper implementation of closures in javascript.

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