Mozilla Update Feeds with Remora API

If you were ever looking for a way to get information in regards to the latest addon versions for your favorite firefox addons, then look no further. There is a really neat xml response api that allows you to search and specify a tag to pull up a specific version.

The api information is located here

And the format looks like this:

Remora API xml response

To use this in php the following code would suffice:

$output = "" ;
 $cnt = file_get_contents('');
 $sxe = simplexml_load_string($cnt);
 if ($sxe === false) {
 return "" ;
 $output .= "<style>\nfpbox{font-family:verdana;}\n</style>" ;
 $output .= "<div id='fpbox' style='width:200px;background:#eeeeee'>";
 $output .= "<img src='".$sxe->icon."' /><br />" ;
 $output .= "Addon:".$sxe->name."<br>";
 $output .= "Latest Version:".$sxe->version." by ".$sxe->authors[0]->author[0]->name."</br>" ;
 $output .= "Version Status:".$sxe->status."</br>" ;
 $output .= "Install Link:<a href='".$sxe->install[0]."'>Install</a><br />";
 $output .= "Summary:<p>".$sxe->summary."</p>" ;
 $output .= "</div>";

To see this in action checkout the demo here.

If you would like more information on the Simple XML api look here


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