Boot Install Windows 7

If you are looking for a way to boot install Windows XP, Vista or 7 then you may try taking a look at: Boot Install WindowsFor a quick review of the process check back in a few days. I will be installing on a Aspire One with hopes to restore from a Ubuntu install that is no longer desired. A quick overview of the process involves downloading the tftp32 package from the above link or here.


As it turns out, the booting part was easy to get into, the problem ends up being lack of support for netbook drivers. There is a way to add the additional drivers using wiak, however, for my purposes and sometime due to time constraints it is easier to use usb boot. The main reason being that you can add the drivers for network and anything else right on the drive without hassle. The network install version requires extracting and recomposing images with WIAK and although it’s not extremely difficult requires some effort in terms of planning and implementation.

More Information on WIAK may be found here


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