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If you have ever thought about using the baseuri path in joomla inside an article to help while transitioning from dev to live. In case you may be wondering about Joomla and the potential of why this would not be a stock option on the user interface, then you simply need to think about the way that the interface works and what putting in a baseuri replacement operator would do. Put simple – if you are using a replacement operator on an image, you will loose the ability to see the image. There is a simple fix for this which would simple be to put relative urls in here, however, if are using search engine friendly Urls – this will not work as the path that is relative may change due to the fancy url path. At any rate – if you are looking for a plugin to replace a token with the baseuri path which includes the domain and possibly a subfolder token as defined in .htaccess and configuration.php files, then look no further. The only thing you need to be aware of is that in the content editor – you may loose view ofyour images.

How To Use

Once the plugin is installed and enabled, the plugin is simple to use; simply use the html button of the content editor to view the source of your page. Locate the url you would like to change, and add the token __baseuri__ inside the quotes to the start of the link. Then Click the save button ad the top right of the page. Finally, go to the article view of joomla to see the results.


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