First Quarter 2012

It appears that the first quarter of 2012 has come and gone and I have had little time for a post. It’s easter weekend for anyone that cares, but I don’t think that matters now. I have not had one chance to look over anything that I have wanted to write about for 4 months and I doubt that is going to change any time soon. I have been working a lot with MAPI in the months of late, and as well with and have come across some problems and found solutions for them. In case you are wondering, simple mapi is awesome but kind of useless in the same token, but extended MAPI is way awesome in terms of power and scalability, but hardly easy to use. That is to say, that it’s not all spelled out for you the way that you would like. My experiences with this have been mostly for a console program, but I am finding that without a message pump, it’s extremely difficult to get messages ( This is tip #1 ). The problem is that I would like to call on this program to deliver a message every so often. The obvious solutions of course are to install a message pump and run for a small time frame, or convert into a tcp/udp/service application.

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