Adobe Air Zip Code Database

Adobe Air Zip Code Database

Ever want to find your zipcode? Ever want to find the geolocation of your zipcode? Ever want to find the zipcodes in a State or City? Ever play around with Adobe Air? Well, I have had all of the previous inclinings. I decided to check out a source forge project:

Adobe Air Zip Code Database – Details

Source Forge Zip Codes Database

To Download

Adobe Air Needed to run air applications

The Data

The data itself is in a format that I was unable to use to start with; I wanted to see something like zipcodes.sql. However, I was not a complete bafoon about it and decided to convert it myself. I was able, through the use of regular expressions in a wonderful tool called notepad++. This seems to be somewhat of a standard now amongst editors and I am sure that you could use the tool of your choice. My first task was to perform the regular expression to make the csv into an insert statement. Once complete, I used a simple create statement to create the table in mysql and ran the script.

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `zipcodegeo`;


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